Fuel Your Fierce without completely giving up the foods you love

When you sign up for nutrition coaching with Beki Alexi, you are making an amazing investment in yourself!  

My program works because it is customized to you and your individual lifestyle!  Workout?  Awesome!  Don’t workout?  That’s okay too!  You can do Crossfit… or you can not do Crossfit.  You can lift weights, or you can never have touched a barbell in your life.  Zumba, yoga, swimming, running, endurance athlete, stay at home mom, work at a desk all day - my program can work for anyone!

While everyone’s results will vary depending on how quickly you learn about macros and how diligent you are about tracking and logging your food.  Yes, flexible eating takes effort and work, but it really isn’t hard.  Hard is staying in the place where you aren’t happy in your life or with your body.  If you follow the program I customize for you, you are very likely to see some positive changes in your body composition in just 12 weeks!  You will also learn healthy habits that you can take with you the rest of your life!

What you get with nutrition coaching with Beki Alexi
  • Customized macro program to fuel your fierce lifestyle no matter what that is!
  • Unlimited support from me!  My clients can contact me anytime with any question!  I pride myself on being there for my clients.  This is my passion and it shows.
  • Group support in our closed Facebook Group
  • Weekly check-ins where Beki reviews your shared spreadsheet and makes adjustments, as needed, that will get you to your goals
  • Education - Beki will provide nutrition and healthy living education via blog posts, Facebook group posts and during the weekly email check-ins

Are you ready to get started?!​​
Don’t just take it from me!  

Here’s what some of my clients have said about nutrition coaching with Beki Alexi…

I have lost approximately 50lbs since I first met Beki. My waist was a size 38 or 40, I just bought a size 32 and they are almost getting too big. For shits and giggles, I even tried on my dress blues trousers and they fit perfectly! I hadn't worn them since 1998. If you have the drive and determination, I would definitely invest with Beki Alexi! She knowledgeable in nutrition and exercises.” ~ Doug

“I have struggled to meet certain macros, and Beki has been right on top of it. Asking questions, seeing if there were any road blocks, giving thoughts on how to get all my macros in with healthy choices. Since I began working with Beki, I have lost roughly 10lbs, and about 7 inches all together. If you're on the hunt for a knowledgeable, motivational, caring nutritional coach, look no further! I wouldn't work with anyone else!” ~ Jaycee (written at 6 weeks into first session)

And sometimes, a client’s goals are not just losing weight.  Check out this amazing testimonial…

“I’m down 13 pounds, 2 pants sizes and 1 shirt size, so I’m pretty happy with the results.  Even better my medical numbers have improved dramatically.  Everything at my last checkup was within normal range!” ~ Audrey

Fuel Your Fierce
12 week online nutrition coaching

Unleash your fierce with my 12 week online nutrition program!  
You will get:
  • Goal planning / setting chat session
  • Customized macro targets
  • Free practice / prep week
  • Weekly emails from me with check in info & educational content to help you have the most success possible!
  • Weekly assessments
  • Unlimited email / FaceBook message support
  • Private FaceBook community
  • Weekly FaceBook live Q&A sessions

No auto renewal.  
10% discount for active & retired duty service members, veterans, LEO and certified first responders.
Referral bonus available.  
Contact Beki at bekialexicoaching@gmail.comfor details on discount and referral bonus.
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